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Mastering SKU and Product Bundling

Understanding SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

An SKU is a detailed representation of a product, encompassing its attributes and values. It serves as a vital piece of information for a specific product, aiding in accurate inventory tracking and management.

  1. SKU Code

    • Also known as a Stock Keeping Unit code, the SKU Code is a unique identifier against the item.
    • Remains constant across all sales channels, ensuring a standardised reference point.
  2. SKU Barcode

    • A SKU Barcode, also called a SKU label or barcode label, visually represents the SKU in the form of a barcode.
    • Encodes essential information, including the SKU's unique identifier, product details, and other relevant data.
    • Streamlines the scanning and tracking of products in warehouses and during transit.
  3. Kit

    • In a WMS, a kit refers to a grouping of two or more SKUs combined together in various quantity ratios.
    • A strategic approach to manage and track inventory efficiently.
    • Each kit is treated as a distinct entity and can consist of different components or variants.
    • Allows for versatile product offerings, bundling complementary items for a comprehensive customer experience.
  4. Assembly

    • In the context of a Warehouse Management System (WMS), an assembly is a product bundling concept.
    • Involves integrating child SKUs, assembling them, and selling them as a single unit (unique SKU).
    • Child SKUs are gathered upon order request, assembled, packed, and fulfilled.
    • Optimizes order fulfilment by streamlining the process of combining and selling multiple items as a single unit.

In conclusion, mastering inventory management involves understanding the nuanced elements of SKU and leveraging strategic concepts like Kit and Assembly. The SKU Code and SKU Barcode add layers of efficiency, providing unique identifiers and visual representations for seamless tracking.

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